Knitted prints and reversibility; unique garments but double at the same time because of their reversibility and prints (either plein and fantasy colors), are the distinguishing features of the product, the values that make the product different. Each top is a unique item, a canvass on which the expert dyers intelligently measure the mixture of shades applied by hand, calibrating the gestures and the quantities of dye used.

When the garment is still only sewn on the shoulders, it is cross-stretched and printed by hand, at different stages. Each shade is applied in different phases, one for each decoration area, first on one side and then on the other. This is how a depth of colour and an unrepeatable texture is obtained: the different colours partially filter through from each side and can be read one through the other, revealing themselves from the edges and in filigree, creating an uneven and intense surface.

Right and wrong-sides no longer exist: the reversibility of each top multiplies the play of combinations, cancelling the concept of season and trend.