Sendra is a name with over a century of history, which we identify with the profile of the classic hide and leather boots, of excellent quality and durability, and with an eternal shape. In 1913, the son of a family of tanners in the Castilian town of Almansa, Andrès Sendra was fascinated by the boots he saw during a trip to America.

He started a path of research into the artisan production and manufacturing techniques which would have no equal: each pair of boots required 250 different steps, a Goodyear Welt process, characterised by the double seam which guaranteed that the boots would be waterproof and strong. The brand was extremely successful in the Sixties in the USA and then spread to Europe.

Today it is distributed in the most prestigious international boutiques. The modern design of Sendra is greatly appreciated both by boot connoisseurs and by those who wear them together with a casual style every day.