Bread & Boxers was born when founders Alexander Palmgren’s and Henrik Lindahl’s luggage was lost and the only clothing they had was what they were wearing. Amazed by how difficult it was to find good underwear while traveling, the two friends founded Bread & Boxers in 2009, starting a program in hotel minibars, offering high-quality underwear and socks for travelers in a tight spot.

Since then, the brand has evolved into a complete line of underwear, including tees and tanks for both men and women, and is available in hotels and stores worldwide. This Swedish line is all about comfortable, perfectly fitted basics with a clean, Scandinavian aesthetic. The bodywear, available in white, black, and heather grey, are made from 100% organic cotton or a blend of organic cotton and elastane.

Without big logos or distracting embellishments, packed in simple white bags, Bread & Boxers is as simple as life’s most basic daily items. Bread & Boxers offers simpler, better alternatives for everyday basics. Being part of the everyday routine, getting great bodywear should be as simple as picking up the morning bread. After all, the things we wear everyday matter more than the things we wear only once in a while.