Thinking, designing, constructing garments that are new in their own spirit, fabrics, shapes, without forgetting the original mood of the importance of the practical daily use of Swiss Chriss The main feature in the design of garments is the innovation based on the first original element : the fabric. every season, working in the textile companies, Swiss Chriss designers get in front of the machines with the technicians to develop a range of prototypes and research innovative blends and treatments. Every season exclusive new textiles are designed and produced to create supremely practical and innovative garments that consummately combine functional performance and style. Research and experimentation are what drive Swiss Chriss, constantly widening the gap in comparison to everybody else.


Established in 1985, Blackboard is a dynamic, vibrant company that operates in the fashion sector. It boasts know-how and specific experience in product design, research, production and distribution on a national and international level.

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