Soisire: phonetically similar to today’s French “choisir” that means “to choose”. A word which in turn comes from the ancient Gallicism “ciausire”.
To choose: to identify and define, among a number of things or persons, the one being proper to your aim or fulfilling your wishes. Choosing is the positive expression of your will. The choice above all: this is the essence of the term Soisire, the core of the Milanese brand’s philosophy that leads the accurate selection of the nest materials, having strictly Italian origins, which identify Soisire sneakers. Synthesis of the unceasing and meticulous research, addressed to the excellent quality of materials and to an aesthetic that is at the same time sophisticated and original.
Designed in Italy


Established in 1985, Blackboard is a dynamic, vibrant company that operates in the fashion sector. It boasts know-how and specific experience in product design, research, production and distribution on a national and international level.

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