Following trends is no longer enough. We must observe and learn from change-no just changing styles, but also artistic transgression, businesses that go against the flow, and social initiatives working toward a radical change in the way we get along with others.
Sixtyseven walks the streets of the major capitals of the globe for a first-hand look at those who are transforming the world. We keep tabs on new projects and up and coming ideas; we reach out to the women driving innovation in different fields and analyse what makes them unique. This is how we integrate key characteristics of their sophisticated and one-of-a-kind collections.
The Sixtyseven woman is #unconventional. She's young, but she's already taken on a thousand challenges. She likes fashion, but is not interested in blindly following trends. She's gregarious, but doesn't waste time trying to please others. She's at home with where she lives, but has soulmates all over the world. She's the real thing, so she can appreciate Sixtyseven's authenticity.


Established in 1985, Blackboard is a dynamic, vibrant company that operates in the fashion sector. It boasts know-how and specific experience in product design, research, production and distribution on a national and international level.

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