Born and raised in Japan, LOSERS is always striving to create things with a sense of iki. A concept of beauty & perseverance unique to Japan. “iki” / Beauty
LOSERS was created by expressing the uniquely Japanese aesthetic “iki” through the medium of sneakers
“i-ki” / Perseverance
The strength to get back up and carry on, no matter what life throws at you. This is the basis for our slogan “Stick To Your Guns”.

“As Japanese “LOSERS” we need to keep a strong conviction and belief in ourselves – that way no matter what life throws our way, even if we are defeated (“LOSE”) we will have no regrets. For us, the word LOSER does not have a negative connotation, but is actually a source of pride”.
Unlike most sneakers which have their logo on the side of the shoe, LOSERS’ trademark is the V-shaped design on the toe. This symbolizes the toe strap on traditional Japanese Footwear.
The core line forms the basis of the collection, while the custom-made line changes from season to season. This allows for even more expression and creativity.


Established in 1985, Blackboard is a dynamic, vibrant company that operates in the fashion sector. It boasts know-how and specific experience in product design, research, production and distribution on a national and international level.

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